Independence Day

Independence Day!
07/04/2014 12:01 AM

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This Day In History
Apr 22
Earth Day.

Apr 22 1992
Gas explodes in sewer, kills 200 in Guadalajara Mexico

Apr 22 1992
6.0 earthquake in California

Apr 22 1976
Barbara Walters becomes 1st female nightly network news anchor

Apr 22 1955
Congress orders all U.S. coins bear motto 'In God We Trust'

Apr 22 1898
President McKinley orders blockade of Cuban harbors

Apr 22 1889
Oklahoma land rush officially started, some were 'Sooner'

Apr 22 1769
Madame Du Barry becomes King Louis XV's 'official' mistress.

Apr 22 1950
Peter Frampton, born in Kent, England, guitarist and vocalist

Apr 22 1937
Jack Nicholson, actor

Apr 22 1904
J. Robert Oppenheimer born in New York, head of the Manhattan Project.

Apr 22 1870
Vladimir Lenin, Russian Leader