Independence Day

Independence Day!
07/04/2014 12:01 AM

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This Day In History
Feb 24 2001
Dr. Claude Elwood Shannon, US mathematician and computer scientist whose theories laid the groundwork for the electronic communications networks, dies at 84 in Medford, Massachusetts

Feb 24 1997
The first fire in space occurs as the Mir space station has a small fire in an oxygen converter. The crew must don breathing masks and use fire extinguishing equipment

Feb 24 1945
Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is liberated from Japan

Feb 24 1942
The Voice of America goes on the air for the first time

Feb 24 1868
The House of Representatives impeaches President Andrew Johnson after his attempt to dismiss Secretary of War Stanton. The Senate acquits Johnson.

Feb 24 1822
Bluebeard executed for burning ten of his wives

Feb 24 1956
Paula Zahn, TV personality

Feb 24 1955
Steve Jobs, of Apple Computer Fame, Feb 24, 1955 Oct 5, 2011

Feb 24 1955
Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, is born in San Francisco. He is soon adopted of Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California , is born

Feb 24 1836
Winslow Homer, artist, is born in Boston , is born