Independence Day

Independence Day!
07/04/2014 12:01 AM

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This Day In History
Jun 24 1989
A new world record is set for spitting a water melon seed. The distance is 68' 9.5' (Hope no one got hurt...)

Jun 24 1947
First reported signting of Flying Saucers, seen near Mt. Ranier, Washington by Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho.

Jun 24 1817
First coffee planted in Hawaii, on the Kona coast.

Jun 24 1942
Mick Fleetwood, drummer for Fleetwood Mac.

Jun 24 1956
Joe Penny, actor.

Jun 24 1947
Peter Weller, actor, Robocop!

Jun 24 1942
Michele Lee

Jun 24 1842
Ambose Bierce

Jun 24 1839
Gustavus Franklin Swift, founder of Swift & Co.