Independence Day

Independence Day!
07/04/2014 12:01 AM

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This Day In History
Sep 23
The first full day of Fall.

Sep 23 1952
First closed circuit pay-TV telecast of a sports event.

Sep 23 1912
First Mack Sennett 'Keystone Comedy' movie is released.

Sep 23 1780
John Andre reveals Benedict Arnold's plot to betray West Point.

Sep 23 1779
Naval engagement between 'Bonhomme Richard' and 'HMS Serepis.' Capt. John Paul Jones declares 'I have not yet begun to fight!'

Sep 23 1930
Ray Charles, singer.

Sep 23 1926
John Coltrane, saxophonist.

Sep 23 1852
William Stewart Halsted, established first surgical school in US.