Independence Day

Independence Day!
07/04/2014 12:01 AM

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This Day In History
Nov 20 1947
Princess Elizabeth of England and Lt. Phillip Mountbatten are married in London's Westminster Abbey.

Nov 20 1914
The State Department starts requiring photographs for passports

Nov 20 1888
William Bundy invents the first timecard clock.

Nov 20 1956
Bo Derek, actress, '10'.

Nov 20 1939
Dick Smothers, brother.

Nov 20 1925
Robert Kennedy, politician (What else!)

Nov 20 1925
Maya Plisetkaya

Nov 20 1908
Alistair Cooke, raconteur.

Nov 20 1900
Chester Gould, gave Dick Tracy a job.

Nov 20 1602
Otto von Guericke, invented the air pump.